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Advice and Inspections for Marine, Protective & Yacht Projects


Inspections, surveys & advice

With over 20 years of experience in the Yacht, Marine and Protective Coatings Industry, Marstrand Coating Services provides a broad range of services. These services are offered to shipyards, owners, paint manufacturers, contractors, inspection- and insurance companies. For each project the findings of the inspections and surveys are made available in a comprehensive written report.


Marstrand Coating Services provides several services such as:

  • Advice on and preparing bid specifications for new building and M&R projects
  • Regular coating QA inspections for new building and M&R projects
  • Coating inspections and surveys according to ICOMIA, ISO, COT, ASTM and other industry standards
  • Act as an Independent consultant for warranty and complaint issues

Marstrand Coating Services is based in the Netherlands, from where worldwide services are supplied


  • Surface preparation (blasting standards, surface profile).
  • Surface cleanliness (dust test, bresle test).
  • Coating measurements (destructive and non-destructive).
  • Dew check.
  • Filler hardness (Shore D).
  • Gloss and DOI measurements.
  • And more.


  • Provide advise on coating specifications, surface preparation and coatings selection.
  • Give directions to both yards and owners on realistic acceptance criteria.
  • Act as a consultant to check coating application and procedures.
  • Act as an independent consultant for boat owners, shipyards, ship owners, builders, inspection- and insurance companies.


  • Surveys to assess and verify whether the coating system had been applied according to the original specification and/or the requirements in the contract.
  • Warranty & claim related surveys.
  • Surveys to verify the status and condition of the coatings to prepare a specification and recommendation for M&R purposes.



Marcel Evenhuis, who has a long and wide experience within the Marine & Protective Coatings Industry, set up Marstrand Coating Services in 2015. With over 20 years of experience, numerous inspections have been carried out. These include yacht projects ranging from small leisure crafts to Super yachts, dry-docking and new buildings of commercial ships and industrial projects and structures. Besides coating knowledge his experience includes knowledge on yacht and ship construction.

Although experience is vital, Marstrand Coating Services continuously invests in training, certification and equipment.

Owner Marcel Evenhuis is a keen sailor and has a passion for yachting.

Main specialism; Marine & Yacht new building and refit projects, paint specifications and project management.


International Sales Manager

Building Kits for Super Yacht- and Shipbuilding.

2011 – 2015

Technical Manager

Technical Manager Yacht Benelux

1994 – 2011



Nace Coating Inspector

level 2 Certified no. 32858

HME, Jachtbouw, 2012

MTE, HME, Scheepsbouw Rotterdam, 2011

Marstrand Coating Services is located in the Netherlands,

one of the main yacht- and shipbuilding clusters of Europe.

Marstrand Coating Services

Marstrand Coating Services Taco Mesdagplein 8 9718 KG Groningen, The Netherlands +31 (0) 62 81 95 433 marcel@marstrandcoatingservices.nl
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Marstrand Coating Services
Taco Mesdagplein 8
9718 KG Groningen, the Netherlands
+31 (0) 62 81 95 433

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